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  Solution for Interior Designers...Be the proud owner of a Giant Indoor Tree...No nutrients, water or air required...No expensive maintenance...No uncontrolled growth destroying the looks...Non Dripping and Fungus resistant...Brought to you by RanjitaScapes, the one-stop solution provider for Preserved Trees Replica Trees Bamboo Palm Dried Flowers Pot Pourri Foliage Leaves
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Welcome to RanjitaScapes

In this era of demanding consumers and great competition, implementing innovative designs in malls, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, airports, office buildings, homes etc. is a challenge for the designers. There is a need for installing trees and plants for such infrastructure to satisfy the demanding consumer of today.

But since living trees and plants can't survive indoors unless they are provided with water, sunlight and space to grow, the need for something that is as enduring as manufactured items and as real as live plants becomes obvious.

RanjitaScapes has developed a unique technique for preservation of foliage which will look as natural as live ones and last as long as manufactured items. RanjitaScapes preserved trees are fire retardant.

RanjitaScapes is preserving foliage, manufacturing trunks wrapped with barks and making complete trees at its facility at Kolkata, India. Everything that goes into the making of a preserved tree is made at our own facility.

RanjitaScapes is the owner of a man-made forest having more than 25000 trees of different kinds that provides for most of its raw material requirements.

RanjitaScapes has huge number of installations of preserved trees all over the world and has been in the business of preservation for more than 7 years.

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