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  Solution for Interior Designers...Be the proud owner of a Giant Indoor Tree...No nutrients, water or air required...No expensive maintenance...No uncontrolled growth destroying the looks...Non Dripping and Fungus resistant...Brought to you by RanjitaScapes, the one-stop solution provider for Preserved Trees Replica Trees Bamboo Palm Dried Flowers Pot Pourri Foliage Leaves
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Welcome to RanjitaScapes Gallery of Preserved Trees

All RanjitaScapes Trees and Foliage are Fire Retardant

RanjitaScapes' Preserved Trees combine the best of both worlds - they look as beautiful as any living plant and are long lasting without any maintenance except for dry dusting.

Some of the salient points about our Preserved Trees:

1. Preserved Trees are made from real trees/plants and they look absolutely natural.
2. Preserved Trees are meant for interior installations in air conditioned lobbies, atriums, offices etc. They should not be installed in direct sun or in direct contact with water.
3. Preserved Trees do not require any maintenance like watering, sunlight and a space to grow. It requires dry dusting only.
4. Preserved Trees can be installed and/or dismantled in a few hours.
5. Preserved Tree Foliage is Fire Retardant.
6. Preserved Trees are under replacement warranty for four years subject to that they are installed in interiors, preferably in air conditioned environment, under temperature below 28 deg C and relative humidity below 75% and are not in contact with direct sunlight and water.
7. Preserved Trees can be tailor-made in shapes/design required by the clients.
8. Only non-toxic chemicals and food-grade colors go in the production of Preserved Foliage.
9. Preserved Trees are not made by up rooting any trees.
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