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Creative Software

Ranjita's Creative Software is the sister division of RanjitaScapes. Committed to provide world-class software solutions for computer users.

Some of our products:

  • QC Boss - The all-in-one solution for BPO houses specializing in image to document conversion, with visual links between document and the source image for easy editing and customizable parameters that can be batch applied over any number of documents.
  • Office Communicator - A comprehensive secure communication platform for intra office messaging, discussions with automatic transcription and recording of minutes, voice communications over network, sharing documents and data and whiteboard facilities.

Coming Soon:  Ranjita's SuperCompress - A compression program that outperforms any other commercially available file compression programs and works on any type of file.

Ranjita's Creative Software will be online soon!

For any enquiries contact Ranjita's Creative Software

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